Expanded Success Initiative





Request for Listing Applications will be reviewed on a quarterly basis. Submitted applications will be reviewed within four weeks after the closing deadline.  Decisions will be sent via email within 45 days of the application closing date.  Please read the Overview & Application Instructions to view the applications schedule for 2014.


Prospective organizations that apply to be listed as approved providers for the Expanded Success Initiative must read the Request for Listing Overview & Instructions document closely. No paper applications will be accepted. Applicants seeking approval for listing must have the ability to meet the requirements of The Fund for Public Schools contracting process, detailed in the RFL Overview & Instructions document. In addition, applicants should have:


  • Proven experience working in a high school setting;
  • Prior success in providing technical assistance services; and
  • Self-reported or externally validated outcome data related to college readiness for Black and Latino young men. 


 In school year 2013-2014, listed applicants will provide component services specifically for 9th and 10th grade students. In school year 2014-2015, listed applicants will provide component services for 9th- 11th grade students specifically.  Please note that only new applicants are eligible to apply for the RFL in this round and subsequent rounds. Previously not approved applicants, as well as currently approved organizations are not eligible to apply at this time. To inquire about the deadline and process for the next RFL round, please email esi@schools.nyc.gov


Important Links:


Complete List of RFL Organizations


Informational Webinars:

A live webinar for prospective organizations took place on February 9, 2012. A live webinar for approved organizations took place on April 17, 2012. For the webinar recordings and the downloadable PowerPoint presentations click here.


If you are experiencing difficulties accessing the webinars, please contact nycdoe@learningtimes.com for assistance. 


For questions about the Request for Listing process overall, contact esi@schools.nyc.gov.