The Alumni Impact

We are calling on you, alumni of New York City public schools, to get involved and give back in whatever way you can. The opportunity for the millions of NYC public school alumni to come together to help today’s students is enormous. Imagine if every public school alumnus gave back in some way – we could raise many millions of dollars to upgrade school facilities, give students strong role models to help guide them through their educational careers, and pave the way for a better, brighter future for so many struggling youth in New York City. The result could be totally game-changing.

So we’re asking alumni to give back in any way they can. Here are a couple of options for financial giving, but please also visit NYC Service for information about direct involvement:

  • Give a gift that will last a lifetime by supporting college scholarships for deserving students with financial need.

  • Strengthen arts education by providing critical funding for programs that provide arts and cultural learning opportunities to children who might otherwise not have access to them.

  • Help us build vibrant, inviting school libraries and fill them with engaging books, up-to-date technology, and college and career preparation resources.







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